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TimeOut is proud to offer you the services of Mr Jean-Francois Gaudreau, shareholder in TimeOut Tribe and long-time coach, physical trainer and naturopathic expert. He is taking care of the diet and physical training of more than a hundred clients, including George St Pierre (UFC Hall of Fame) and Carey Price (Montreal HABS). He is also the author of Health for Life, published in French (2023).

His qualifications include:

▪ Attestation: Certification 'Anti-Aging and Hormonotherapy' - WOSAAM (World Society of Antiaging Medicine)
▪ Bioprint (Biosignature) - Charles Poliquin
▪ First Line Therapy - Metagenics
▪ PICP Level 1 & 2
▪ SomaTraining by Dr. Guy Voyer
▪ Coach Export Musculation Level 4
▪ Sports nutrition Level 1 & 2
▪ Plyometrics
▪ Weightlifting by Pierre Roy

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