Sleep & Hydration

MAX Sleep, truly the most advanced natural sleep and hydration powder formulation on the market, is there to answer the call where alternatives have not succeeded. Paired with Sleep, our capsule formulation, we offer you a complete nutritional strategy in terms of sleep quality.

The TimeOut team believes in the Optimal Hydration principle. This principle was
developed within the company. It stipulates that it is possible for a person to be optimally hydrated from the start to the end of the day. The Optimal Hydration System is the accessory to this principle. Our various products can effectively assist with hydration from the beginning of the day all the way to assisting with sleep. Backed with expert research we want to bring the advantages and benefits of hydration to the forefront of public discussions. The benefits of hydration can only be truly measured and felt if a person is hydrated throughout the day. The Optimal Hydration System is the basis of all our products.

Furthermore, we believe that sleep represents the most fundamental type of recovery and this is why we have combined the hydration and sleep functions in one formulation.

The proportion of people sleeping less than the recommended number of sleep hours is rising and associated with lifestyle factors related to a modern 24/7 society, such as psychosocial stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity and excessive electronic media use, among others. This is alarming as insufficient sleep has been found to be associated with a range of negative health and social outcomes, including success at school and in the labour market.

Over the last few decades, for example, there has been growing evidence suggesting a strong association between short sleep duration and elevated mortality risks. Given the potential adverse effects of insufficient sleep on health, well-being and productivity, the consequences of sleep-deprivation have far-reaching economic consequences.


You have tried everything. Well, almost everything, to get the best night sleep. Except it has not really worked.

We think you should try MAX Sleep.

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