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Frequently Asked Questions

250 mg per portion.

2 to 2.95 g for Sleep, Relax, Craving Stop and Recover.
9.75 g for Morning Rescue and 13 g for Recover Sport.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that carbohydrates make up 45 to 65 percent of your total daily calories. So, if you get 2,000 calories a day, between 900 and 1,300 calories should be from carbohydrates. That translates to between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates a day. Many factors can affect these recommendations for each individual such as health status, activity levels, privileged diets (e.g. keto diets) and others.

11-41 calories for most of the products except for Recover Sport which contains approximately 67 calories.

Yes, the adjustments required are relatively easy to bring.

Yes, all the products and more specifically the ones with its Optimal Hydration System (OHS), have been designed based on clinical studies in humans and according to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

Yes! Less packaging means a more sustainable solution. We manufacture in HDPE #2 (recyclable jars) and use recycled cardboard for our boxes. Our stick packaging is currently the best option to protect the formulations from humidity, etc.

Although we do not condone alcohol consumption, our Morning Rescue is really the best solution for a recovery after a night out. Keep in mind that it’s an extremely effective product that uses ginger and it has a bite!

Most of our products are allergen-free, except for the Craving Stop which contain whey isolate derived from milk production. However, even though we take all the required steps to clean all the manufacturing equipment in a GMP Facility, the Facility manufactures other products that may include some allergens. The allergens warnings statements on the labels are mandatory and specific to each product.

No, not at all. None our products are fizzy or carbonated.

The TimeOut 2-in-1 products contain magnesium in the format of highly bioavailable Magnesium Citrate.

No, kids under 13 years old should not take these products since they have been developed for adult consumption.

No! Our products contain only natural ingredients and no preservatives. That being said, we also don't hide the natural flavour that may be strong at times., such as that of the one from ginger.

Most of the TimeOut products are water dispersible. When they are not, the products are easily dispersible with water but they should be mixed well before consumption. Re-mix may be necessary if sitting for more than 10 mins.

TimeOut MAX Sleep, Relax and Restore have been designed to be used once a day or whenever needed. TimeOut Craving Stop should be used twice a day. TimeOut Morning Rescue should be taken once in the evening after alcohol consumption and before going to bed, then once or twice the following morning. TimeOut Recover Sport should be taken once or twice after the physical activity depending on its duration and intensity.

Although acute mismatches between fluid gain and loss may occur due to illness, environmental exposure, exercise, or physical work, it is a reproducible phenomenon that intakes are generally adequate to offset net loss
from day-to-day . It is recognized, however, that after significant body water losses like those associated with physical work or heat stress, wherein substantial water deficits are incurred, many hours of rehydration and
electrolytes consumption may be needed to re-establish proper body water balance.

Water itself cannot be multiplied. What can be multiplied is the hydrating effect. Some clinical research has shown that forest firefighters have 50% less water consumption depending on the intensity and duration of the activity and the hydration status. We will maintain a series of post to address the myths and questions of hydration.

Sugar contents are kept to minimal quantities for all of our products except for the Recover Sport product which requires a higher quantity of sugars to replenish the body after exercise. The main sugar used in our products is fructose to improve palatability of our products and ensure better flowing of the formulations during their manufacturing. Moreover, the Morning Rescue product also contains more sugar since the latter is required to rapidly improve the condition derived from overindulgence.

Sodium is the principal cation of the extracellular fluids and is the primary regulator of extracellular fluid volume and body water. Sodium is thus required to insure proper hydration status since it is the main electrolyte lost during dehydration.

TimeOut is very environmentally conscious and one of our goals is to keep people hydrated sustainably. Within a few years we will transition to new wrapping technologies that will offer comparable advantages to plastic, keeping in mind that our products have no preservatives and need to be protected from water, temperature and light.

We optimised the taste fand sacrifice the effectiveness of the product or wanted to load it with unhealthy levels of sugar (or salt). The product has loads of active natural i ingredients and they affect the taste. Keep in mind that Hangover uses ginger and it has a bite!

Neither too sugary nor sour or bitter, we can claim that TimeOut has a smooth taste when stirred in 500 ml of cold water and consumed right after. Keep in mind that Morning Rescue uses ginger and it has a bite!